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Locally* we provide great services at very reasonable rates. We charge about half what the "Nerd Squad" charges. We'll even come out to your house or office, pickup the PC, repair or upgrade it then deliver it back to your place, setup and running properly.

Network Setup - Would you like to link the PC's in your office or at home? Want to share a single broadband internet connection with other PC's? Tired of using the "sneaker net" system? We can set up a wired or wireless network for you at reasonable prices.

Network Maintenance - Can't seem to access that new wireless printer across the room? New notebook or tablet not connecting to the internet? We can help with onsite service.

Data Transfer - Finally got that new PC but all your data (pictures, documents etc.) is still on the old one? We can transfer all your old data to the new machine for you.

PC Upgrades - Need more memory? Bigger hard disk? Wireless adapter? Notebook/Laptop or Desktop. We can install and setup new or replacement hardware. Pickup & delivery is available.

PC Repairs - PC just not running properly? Too slow? Can't seem to get it working the way you want it to? Notebook/Laptop or Desktop we can remove virus infections and all sorts of malware. Get back that nice fast PC you bought! In-home computer repair service or pickup and delivery is available.

Virus Removal - We can remove virus infections from your Notebook/Laptop or Desktop PC for reasonable prices.  We'll come out to your home or office and remove whatever malware has infected it. Pickup and delivery is also available.

Training - Can't get a handle on MS Word? Having difficulty with that spreadsheet? We can help with any Windows program.

On-Site Computer Repairs or Pickup & Delivery Service is available locally, in Cumberland, Salem and Gloucester Counties in New Jersey.

*By "locally", we mean Pittsgrove, Elmer, Upper Pittsgrove, Deerfield, Upper Deerfield, Bridgeton, Vineland, Millville, Franklinville and surrounding areas. Salem, Cumberland and Gloucester Counties in NJ are included.

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